What is the one thing that your clients should know about you?
This industry measures performance by sales volume, but I believe client experience and results delivered are the true measure of an agent. Instead of chasing the next transaction, most of my time is spent chasing that small space between acceptable results and excellent results.

What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?
I have a passion to protect my clients and be at the top of my game. These two things meet most often in knowing when to push for more or when to take the deal. When I get the best results for my client – while being courteous and respectful of the other side – that's mastery. 

What made you decide to get into your line of work?
After a negative experience my wife and I had with our own real estate agent, I have a passion to protect my clients and always put them first. Even after 10 years, I still get excited about finding just the right house for someone or selling their home at a great price. 

What makes you different than others in your profession?
If there's something that separates me, I think it's that I work with a relatively small number of clients and mostly high end properties.  That said, I still work mostly by referral and help good clients at all price points. 

I believe that anyone can become my best client and that everyone deserves the best. People move up very quickly here. Valuable client relationships don't just come from expensive homes.  It's in their trust in me, loyalty, and their referrals and introductions. I'm always thankful and I never take clients for granted.